Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage is a combination of massage and acupressure, pressing on points of the body, to promote wellness in the body. Often it restores balance and opens up blockages of energy or chi in the body. Blocks may be caused by trauma, either emotional or physical. Illness can cause damage too. Energy work is often called balancing of energy fields called chakras along the spinal chord of the body.

Pressure can be applied along the spinal chord but also to the hands and feet to heal. Pressing on part of hand between thumb and fore finger can help a head ache for instance. Foot massage can also be a great benefit. Applying pressure to inner ankle can help with stress. If look at a reflexology chart can see all the different pressure points on the hands and feet that effect other parts of the body and aid in healing them.

It is easy to learn where these pressure points are and anyone can apply these techniques at home on themselves or family and friends for free. Essential oils, used in aromatherapy such as lavender to relieve stress or peppermint to energize are often mixed with oil or water and can be applied to the body during massage or as a room spray during reflexology massage to maximize it’s benefit.

Rubbing foot cream with peppermint and tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic cleanser .can invigorate aching, tired feet and legs at the end of a long day too. Massage, pressing on these pressure points of the body can be just what the doctor ordered, only for a lot less.

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